University extension course in Introduction to AgroSciences

University extension course in Introduction to AgroSciences

Dear Nigerian Student

Welcome to the University Center of Patos de Minas's internationalization program, which offers you the opportunity to participate, in Brazil, in the university extension course in Introduction to AgroSciences.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Category: Extension Courses
  • Address: Major Gote Street, number 808, City of Patos de Minas - MG in Brazil

Who we are?

Founded in 1968, the Patos de Minas University Center's mission is to transform people and society through excellence in education, creating opportunities, and developing talent. This mission is accomplished through our educational services guided by the principles of equality between men, regardless of nationality, gender, race, or creed; respect for human rights, including the right to education, education, and vocational training; freedom and human solidarity; integral education of the human person; values of democracy; of social protection to the neediest and of protection of the environment.

In more than half a century of existence, our university center built a reliable educational infrastructure. It developed teaching and learning strategies that made us emerge as one of the best educational institutions in the Brazilian academic scene.

We are the only higher education institution in Latin America with four ISO (International Organization for Standardization) quality certifications. Our processes are certified by ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Management), and SA 8000 (Social Responsibility).

Also, UNIPAM has the highest grade (concept 5) in the assessment that the Ministry of Education of Brazil periodically conducts to certify its quality.

Our experience in educational processes, supported by the interaction between teaching, research, and extension, has compelled us to move our services across national boundaries, starting our internationalization process. In the process, we were fortunate to partner with the Daniel Franco Institute (IDF), which represents us with foreign countries' authorities, establishing student and technological mobility protocols.

Thus, through our partnership with IDF, we opened our institution's doors to welcome international students. IDF's experience and reliability, combined with the history and quality of educational services provided by UNIPAM, are a guarantee that your students will be well received and have the necessary support for a transformative education.

Our service catalog includes technical courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered at our headquarters, over fifty-eight thousand meters of the educational structure, and more than ninety laboratories and teaching practice environments. We also have a veterinary clinical center, university clinical center, experimental farm, a psychology clinic, physiotherapy clinic, and nutrition clinic.

In addition to educational services, UNIPAM has prepared, for its international students, student residence logistics, psychological and psycho-pedagogical support, and a propaedeutic course in Portuguese and Brazilian culture.

More than 58,000 meters of educational structure

UNIPAM has more than 90 laboratories - and environments for Didactic Practices in Graduation in its/ their campuses.



The Veterinary Clinical Center provides care in medical clinic and surgery of small and large animals, imaging diagnostics, clinical pathology, pathological anatomy and preventive veterinary medicine.



With more than six thousand square meters of built-up area, the University Clinical Center operates with medical assistance to the population in partnership with the Municipality of Patos de Minas, hosting the Emergency Care Unit (ECU).



UNIPAM carries out several practices and research activities at Afonso Queiroz Agrotechnical State School, at the Experimental Field of the Canavial (CEC) and at the Experimental Field of Sertaozinho (CEST). In the areas mentioned above, projects with pigs, poultry, cattle and beekeeping, as well as, crops such as vegetables, sugar cane, coffee, corn, soy, beans, forestry, rose garden, stoves, horticulture and medicinal plants are developed.



Unipam Nutritional Clinic democratizes the access to nutritional care through nutritional assessment, diets prescriptions and nutritional guidance. Besides, it promotes the improvement in eating habits.

University extension course in Introduction to AgroSciences

In addition to technical courses and undergraduate and graduate courses, UNIPAM offers a university extension course in Introduction to AgroSciences to foreign pre-university students to prepare these young people to enter undergraduate courses in the field of agribusinesses, such as the higher course in Agronomy, Agribusiness, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.

This course consists of theoretical classes and practical activities, making 40 hours a week of activities. In addition to the disciplines related to agri-sciences, there are general education disciplines and those that make a public review of essential science content indispensable so that the student, when in undergraduate courses, can adequately follow the development of curricular content.

In this course, daily Portuguese language classes stand out and studies in Brazilian culture and habits, aiming that, within six months, young people are fully prepared to join the undergraduate courses offered by UNIPAM.


6 months


  • Animal Anatomy AA

  • Brazilian Culture and Habits BCH

  • Entrepreneurship ENT

  • Group of Experiences (Psychological monitoring in groups) GE

  • Informatics Applied to Agribusiness IAA

  • Intercultural Project (Under guidance and supervision, international students will make presentations to Brazilian university students on the habits,
    culture, and economy of their countries) IP

  • Introduction to Agribusiness (Brazilian and International Agricultural Economics) IAB

  • Introduction to Agriculture (Brazilian Agricultural Policy, Phytosanitary Processes, Agricultural Marketing) IA

  • Introduction to Biology IB

  • Introduction to Chemistry IC

  • Introduction to Mathematics IM

  • Manufacturing Laboratory FABLAB

  • Portuguese language PL

  • Practices at Projeto Integrar (Integrative and sports practices) PPI

  • Practices at the Farm and Agricultural School PFAS

  • Practices at the Veterinary Clinical Center PVCC

  • Sports Practice SP

  • Supervised Studies (Schedules for individual and collective studies, with the supervision of qualified professionals, in the UNIPAM library) SS

To start our experience

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