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Universidade Manuela Beltrán – UMB

Universidade Manuela Beltrán Logomarca

Universidade Manuela Beltrán – UMB

The University Center of Patos de Minas (UNIPAM), through its Center for Internationalization and Academic Mobility (NIMA), established in January 2024 a partnership with Universidad Manuela Beltrán - UMB, a Colombian higher education institution based in the city of Bogotá.

UMB has more than 77 academic programs approved by the Ministry of National Education at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in both in-person and distance learning modalities, with around 10,000 students and more than 45,000 graduates throughout the country, in collaboration with public and private companies.

The aim of this agreement is to promote international inter-institutional collaboration, covering the fields of research, teaching, and cultural and sporting activities. The collaboration programs to be established include mobility programs for researchers, teachers and students, joint publications of scientific papers, academic articles, technical productions, patents and scientific events, carrying out research projects, training activities, and coordinated teaching activities, among others. The partnership covers all areas of knowledge in which the two educational institutions have courses in common.

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