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Prof. PHD. Henrique Carivaldo de Miranda Neto rector of UNIPAM

The Power of Transformation

Centro Universitário de Patos de Minas (UNIPAM) has offered high quality education for over 50 years and has the highest score according to the evaluation of Ministério da Educação, besides being the only higher education institution in Latin America recognized with four certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SR). Our mission is to transform people and society through excellence in education, creating opportunities and developing talents.

This way, our history and our services allowed us to build strong partnerships. Our goal is to offer undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as practical training courses in a variety of modalities (traditional classes or online instruction- e-learning) to people around the world.

We strongly believe that our partnerships will make our internationalization process possible, enabling our institution to effectively accomplish its mission to transform people and society through knowledge.

Prof. PHD. Henrique Carivaldo de Miranda Neto

Rector of UNIPAM


The Center for Internationalization and Academic Mobility (NIMA), established in 2022 by UNIPAM, aims to promote and support international scientific activities, with relevance and impact, through research, teaching, and extension activities. We seek solutions with a vision that encompasses the interests of local and international communities and entities.

Benefits of NIMA:

  • Exchange between students and professors from different areas in different contexts, promoting a better understanding of universal values, new perspectives in their respective areas of study, and respect for sociocultural diversity;
  • Improvement of cognitive skills of students involved in international programs, such as critical thinking, information seeking, problem solving, decision making, and ability to deal with change;
  • Elevation of academic standards and quality of programs and curricula;
  • Bilateral mobility opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, ensuring the provision of teaching with international excellence standards;
  • Promotion of international events;
  • Integration into cooperation agreements with sectors of society at the international level, collaborating on global issues;
  • Support and incentive for professors, with participation in visits and internships in foreign institutions;
  • Incentive for the arrival of foreign researchers and professors for scientific collaboration;
  • Promotion of publications in international journals.

UNIPAM is among the largest university centers in Brazil and values its ability to be a private and innovative higher education institution, concerned about the quality of education and community life.

Our Mission

Transform people and society through excellence in education, creating opportunities and developing talents.


UNIPAM Certifications

South-South Cooperation Project

UNIPAM became a partner of the South-South Cooperation Project, which is linked to the Brazilian Cooperation Agency - ABC, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This project consists of technical cooperation provided by Brazil through partner institutions, promoting the transfer and absorption of knowledge. The technical cooperation aims to share successes and best practices in areas demanded by partner countries, covering the following regions: Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa, with specific actions in Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

Brazil's bilateral South-South technical cooperation is concentrated in the areas of agriculture (including agricultural production and food security), professional training, education, justice, sports, health, environment, information technology, occupational accident prevention, urban development, biofuels, air transport, and tourism. Other areas such as culture, international trade, and human rights are included in more recent projects and activities.

UNIPAM started its first cooperation project in the livestock production sector, alongisde Guinea, promoting academic mobility and knowledge exchange for professors and students from both countries.

Our Courses

  • Accounting
  • Agronomy
  • Architecture and Urbanism
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Dentistry
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
  • History
  • Information Systems
  • Law
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Modern Languages and Literature
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Pedagogy
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Education
  • Physiotherapy
  • Production Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Social Communication – Journalism
  • Social Comunication – Advertising
  • Technology in Agribusiness
  • Technology in Commercial Management
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Zootechnics

Portuguese Course for English Speakers

Portuguese Course for Spanish Speakers

More than 58,000 square meters of educational structure

UNIPAM has more than 90 laboratories and environments for didactic practices in undergraduate education in its campuses.

Veterinary Clinical Center photo


The Veterinary Clinical Center provides care in medical clinic and surgery of small and large animals, imaging diagnostics, clinical pathology, pathological anatomy and preventive veterinary medicine.

Experimental Farm photo


UNIPAM carries out several practices and research activities at Afonso Queiroz Agrotechnical State School, at the Canavial Experimental Farm (CEC) and at the Sertãozinho Experimental Farm (CEST). In the areas mentioned above, projects are developed with hogs, poultry, cattle and beekeeping, as well as crops such as sugar cane, coffee, corn, soy, beans, forestry, horticulture, flowers and medicinal plants.

Fruits and vegetables photo


UNIPAM Nutritional Clinic democratizes the access to nutritional care through nutritional assessment, diet prescriptions and nutritional guidance. Besides, it promotes the improvement in eating habits.

Discover UNIPAM

Our Social Projects



The development of a critical awareness in the community is related to the preservation of Brazilian wildlife, and the Center for Triage and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals (CETRAS) plays an important role in this preservation process. Additionally, CETRAS offers internship opportunities for students of Veterinary and Biological Sciences, among other courses.

Mandala Project

Mandala Project

The Mandala Project aims to showcase the viability of sustainable agriculture without the use of pesticides. The Mandala garden design features a fish tank at the center, surrounded by a variety of vegetable patches. A portion of the produce is donated to charity.

Community Vegetable Gardens

Community Vegetable Gardens

The Community Vegetable Gardens Project believes that it is possible to improve the population’s eating habits through education and access to nutritious food. The project is developed by the Agronomy course, and vegetables are grown to enhance the nutritional value of the diets of some communities.

Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

The project is the result of a partnership between UNIPAM, SEBRAE and Prefeitura Municipal de Patos de Minas, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among children and teenagers through the development of innovative products, with the guidance and supervision of undergraduate students and professors.

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